Thursday, November 26, 2009

Consulate General of Greece, San Francisco

Walking the streets of SF one day early this year I happened upon (of all things) the high commission of Greece. San Francisco is one of the ultimate in cosmopolitan cities and full of indications of the wealth of people and cultures that exist here on America's west coast. I decided to immortalise this one as I liked the mixture of classic Franciscan Victoriana with more modern additions such as the windows in the upper story. I also liked that they were proudly flying the flag for Greece far from home.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


These are 2 images from a recent commission to illustrate a number of frozen yoghurt and ice cream parlours belonging to a chain that can be found in north america and asia. I had a lot of fun interpreting the architecture into my own illustrational style.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swensen's Ice-Cream Parlour

This is my latest completed illustration. Swensen's Ice Cream of Hyde St, San Francisco really captured my imagination as I passed by one day. It had to be a drawing. As a move away from earlier images I have included the sidewalk to indicate just how steep the streets here can be! In the very near future my illustrations will be available as greetings cards. As sets and individually. Check back for further info or drop me a line through the email to your right.

Friday, May 15, 2009

'City Of Trees' exhibition, 16th-30th May 2009

Here is a preview of my entry which was selected for the 'City of Trees' exhibition. The exhibition features artworks by both amateur and professional artists depicting trees and views from the city of Tustin, California. The rules stipulate that selected entries must show a tree, or part of a tree, that exists somewhere in the city. Given the number of palm trees in California it is unlikely that you would be able to guess the exact location of my entry from this cropped section of it! However, you can come and see the entire picture for yourself. The exhibition runs from 16th - 30th May 2009 at:

Chemers Gallery, 17300 17th Street, Suite G, Tustin, CA. 92780 USA

Contact me for further info at the top of the blog or link to the gallery's blog amongst 'my reads'.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Royal Albert Hall

I recently completed this illustration, feeling nostalgic for England and remembering a great trip to the Proms with some work colleagues a couple of years ago. It is for a proposal to a British historical society. I have been working a lot with a small box of watercolours that I have. Nothing fancy, but you can get some great colours out of them and this is always a welcome challenge to someone who has a background in oil painting.

Monday, February 23, 2009

San Francisco

I have spent the last week in San Francisco. It's like all the best places you have ever visited all rolled into one. We used the City Pass which can be bought for around $60 and gets you free entry to numerous attractions as well as free transport on the Muni transport system which includes buses, streetcars (trams) and the cable car. We saw Alcatraz, Aquarium of the Bay, the De Young museum and San Francisco MOMA all on the pass. Other highlights include Coit Tower, the Streetcar Museum, the California Historical Society and the Exploratorium. The Oakland Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate are spectacular, as is the cityscape. There are many beautiful Victorian houses and the choice of food here is exceptional. It's a very inspirational city.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

'Historic Orange' exhibition

For the past few months I have been working on this project illustrating the houses of 'Old Town' Orange, Ca. The work will be on display at the:

Orange Public Library & History Center, 407 East Chapman Avenue, Orange, Ca. 92866, USA from 12th February - 28th March.

Contact me for further info:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Change Has Come..."

A new president and a new era for the United States. The above quote taken from the official White House website. I have been fortunate to witness first-hand this transition over the last couple of months and it has been pretty amazing. Politics is certainly not my first love. Nor my second or third to be honest, but perhaps more pointedly we can use this event to reflect on the changes in all our lives. The struggling economy has affected everyone but I've also noticed an optimism amongst my family and friends - despite hardships. Anyway in honour of the day's events here is my own 'White House', acrylic ink and graphic pen on paper:

Monday, January 19, 2009

Historic Illustrations

Since I arrived in the States, I have been making these illustrations of the historic 'old town' district of Orange, Ca. where I live. There are around 16 images so far and still a great many buildings to draw. Orange is full of history with its old houses and commercial buildings. My drawing technique has certainly improved no end in making these. When I started this project I began drawing the images straight onto the page using acrylic ink and a fine brush but have since refined the technique quite a bit - beginning by marking out in feint pencil lines to pin down the drawing and then going over with my brush once I am happy with the proportions. A fine-point graphic pen also gives great results when highlighting window frames and doors or filling them in. Not too sure where they are headed but I have a couple of ideas in mind...

Image pictured: 'Yellow House On Washington Ave.', acrylic ink on paper.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Currently I am inspired by new surroundings and opportunities and so this has been a productive time for me. If you are unfamiliar with what I do then here is a brief description: I am primarily a painter and my main mediums are oils and ink. I am heavily influenced by architecture, although this has only manifested itself in my work seriously within the last couple of years. I have also worked with portraiture and landscape and still do, but the built environment is my current preoccupation. I take a lot of photos when I am out and about. For a record of my day or trip somewhere and also as a reference tool for my work. I rarely show or post these pictures - something that this blog will perhaps encourage me to do. This picture is from downtown Los Angeles during a recent visit to see the Louise Bourgeois retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The trip also allowed me to see the Disney Concert Hall which is down the street and will become the subject of a painting in the near future.

I was struck by how the 'downtowns' of the world are very similar and was strangely comforted to see the same kind of buildings that I am so used to seeing in the heart of London's financial district.
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