Friday, May 15, 2009

'City Of Trees' exhibition, 16th-30th May 2009

Here is a preview of my entry which was selected for the 'City of Trees' exhibition. The exhibition features artworks by both amateur and professional artists depicting trees and views from the city of Tustin, California. The rules stipulate that selected entries must show a tree, or part of a tree, that exists somewhere in the city. Given the number of palm trees in California it is unlikely that you would be able to guess the exact location of my entry from this cropped section of it! However, you can come and see the entire picture for yourself. The exhibition runs from 16th - 30th May 2009 at:

Chemers Gallery, 17300 17th Street, Suite G, Tustin, CA. 92780 USA

Contact me for further info at the top of the blog or link to the gallery's blog amongst 'my reads'.