Monday, January 19, 2009

Historic Illustrations

Since I arrived in the States, I have been making these illustrations of the historic 'old town' district of Orange, Ca. where I live. There are around 16 images so far and still a great many buildings to draw. Orange is full of history with its old houses and commercial buildings. My drawing technique has certainly improved no end in making these. When I started this project I began drawing the images straight onto the page using acrylic ink and a fine brush but have since refined the technique quite a bit - beginning by marking out in feint pencil lines to pin down the drawing and then going over with my brush once I am happy with the proportions. A fine-point graphic pen also gives great results when highlighting window frames and doors or filling them in. Not too sure where they are headed but I have a couple of ideas in mind...

Image pictured: 'Yellow House On Washington Ave.', acrylic ink on paper.

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